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At Partners in Vertrouwen (Partners in Confidentiality), we understand that being confronted with inappropriate behaviour or integrity issues can have a significant impact on individuals. We prioritise creating a safe environment where such concerns can be openly discussed and addressed. We believe that prevention is key, and we work together with employees and the organisation to find suitable solutions.

We recognise that inappropriate behaviour is subjective, and our goal is to make it discussable and contribute to its prevention within the organisation. We also emphasize the importance of reporting suspicions of integrity violations and provide clear expectations and consequences for unethical behaviour, so employees feel empowered to speak up without fear of repercussions.

Additionally, we believe in addressing the perpetrators of inappropriate behaviour rather than hastily "canceling" them.

We believe that discussing the behaviour with the perpetrator can lead to resolution and allow for valuable employees to be retained within the organisation.

Our approach is rooted in our natural sense of commitment, extensive communication experience, and combined knowledge of small and large organisations at both national and international levels, including legal, governance, and management expertise.

We are delighted to support you in fostering a safe and enjoyable work environment in your organisation, where productivity and flexibility thrive.

Founders Maureen Meeng en Judith Gerritsen van Partners in Vertrouwen. Extern vertrouwenspersoon ongewenste omgangsvormen en integriteit inhuren.
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