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Partners in Vertrouwen offers the following services in Dutch and English:


External Confidential Advisor

Our independent External Confidential Advisors provide initial support and guidance to your employees in case of potential follow-up steps. We focus on prevention, trend detection, providing information to employees and managers, and advising the management board, with the aim of ending and preventing inappropriate behaviour and integrity issues.

Complaints procedure and/or reporting procedure

We can evaluate your existing complaints procedure and/or reporting procedure. If you do not yet have such procedures, we can draw up one for you, so that you comply with the requirements of the Labor Inspectorate and the Whistleblowers Protection Act, which came into effect on December 17, 2023.

Conversation Facilitation

In situations where an employee finds it difficult to have a conversation alone with the person concerned or with managers, Partners in Vertrouwen can provide passive conversation facilitation. This may include assistance with preparation and practice for the conversation, as well as supporting the employee during the conversation.

Support for Internal Confidential Advisors

Your Internal Confidential Advisors may need consultation, peer review, evaluation, or a refresher course. It is also possible that the (employment) position of the Internal Confidential Advisor is at stake. In these cases, your Internal Confidential Advisors can turn to Partners in Vertrouwen for support.

External Complaints Committee

If a formal complaint is submitted, it is necessary to set up a Complaints Committee. This must consist of at least three people, one of whom must be legally trained. Partners in Vertrouwen can provide you with an external Complaints Committee that meets these conditions. An employee of your company can be a part of this Complaints Committee.


If an active form of mediation is desired, our skilled mediators can be called upon. They ensure that both parties are heard and help the parties involved to reach a joint solution in a series of conversations that both parties can agree on.

Partners in Vertrouwen is een samenwerking aangegaan met Report App, een innovatief en onafhankelijk platform dat zich inzet om ongewenst gedrag in organisaties te voorkomen. De samenwerking heeft als doel organisaties te ondersteunen bij het proactief aanpakken en voorkomen van ongewenst gedrag, en tegelijkertijd een platform te bieden waar medewerkers zich gehoord en veilig voelen en waar zij op een laagdrempelige manier in contact kunnen komen met een vertrouwenspersoon naar keuze. Samen leveren wij een Totaalpakket op maat en komen graag langs om uw wensen te bespreken.
Collaboration with Report App

Partners in Vertrouwen is pleased to announce a partnership with Report App, an innovative and independent platform dedicated to preventing undesirable behaviour within organizations. This collaboration aims to provide proactive solutions for addressing and preventing inappropriate behaviour within organisations via the App on their mobile phones. Simultaneously, it offers a platform where employees can feel heard and safe, enabling them to easily connect with a chosen confidential advisor. Together, we offer a tailored Total Package and would be delighted to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements.

When do you need PSA policy?


If you are an employer with employees, or if you are a foundation, association, or club, you are required to have a PSA (psychosocial work-related stress) policy according to the labour laws.. 

Components of the PSA policy include: 

  • Risk inventory and evaluation

  • Complaints procedure

  • Protocol for inappropriate behaviour

  • Access to a confidential advisor

You can come to us for:

  • Assessment of your current PSA and Integrity policy. 

  • Advice on adjustments to ensure compliance with legislation..

When do you need Integrity policy?

If you are an employer with more than 50 employees or work in a sector prone to fraud, you are required to have an internal reporting procedure for handling reports of suspected wrongdoings within your organisation, as per the Whistleblower Protection Act. 

Components of the internal reporting procedure are :

  • defining what can be reported;

  • identifying who can use the reporting procedure;

  • ensuring that reporters have the right to protection against retaliation when reports are made in the correct manner;

  • specifying where and in what order reports can be made;

  • clarifying when a reporter can make an external report;

  • ensuring confidentiality of reports;

  • providing the option for employees to consult an advisor in confidence.

Even if you have fewer than 50 employees, formulating an integrity policy can be beneficial for your organisation.

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