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Partners in Vertrouwen werkt alleen met LVV geregistreerde externe vertrouwenspersonen

External Confidential Advisor

My background is characterized by versatility


After working for 30 years in various positions in the real estate sector,

I started as an independent marketing and communications advisor in 2015. At the time, I was employed as manager of the Dutch marketing department of a European area developer. As a self-employed person

I fulfilled assignments in various sectors. My extensive experience in commercial businesses, government agencies and healthcare organisations enables me to empathize with corporate cultures and the interests of those involved.


In my work I prefer to do something that really has added value for people


A house, for example, as in my work in real estate. Or a safe living and working environment or good care. This is reflected in the positions and assignments I fulfilled. I have continued to expand on that ambition, to put people's well-being at the center of my work.


Over the past 10 years I have completed various courses in the field of coaching, mediation, NLP and confidential work. Now I combine both activities. I carry out socially relevant assignments in the field of communication, and I am involved in coaching and confidential work.


For me, confidential work has a twofold character


On the one hand, through my knowledge and experience I can contribute to good frameworks, such as a complaints procedure and code of conduct. In addition, I can ensure optimal visibility of this within the organisation. In this way, we work preventively to create a socially safe and pleasant working environment.


On the other hand, I can assist a notifier from a broad base and think about solutions. This starts with being seen and heard and, where possible, ends in restoring labor relations.


My personality is characterized by positivity, resilience, humor and personal responsibility


I bring these qualities into my work and the conversations I have. My aim is to empower people, so that they are resilient and can properly indicate their limits.


Partners in Vertrouwen Miranda Hogeboom extern vertrouwenspersoon
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