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Founder, Confidential Advisor, Mediator, Trainer, Systemic Work

I have a background in Business Administration, having studied at the University of Groningen. I started my career in the publishing industry in the Netherlands and Eastern Europe, where I worked at management and executive levels. Later, I co-founded my own Communication Agency in collaboration with Romanian partners. Subsequently, I transitioned to the non-profit sector and played a key role in establishing a lion research and conservation organization in East Africa, to which I am still connected as a Trustee.


Throughout my career, I have consistently been involved in leading or advising teams of passionate individuals to create the right conditions for establishing and growing successful initiatives. I am known for my hands-on, solution-oriented approach and my enthusiasm in tackling challenges. Having experienced the tensions that can arise in such environments, I have learned that open and effective communication, often accompanied by a touch of humor, can help resolve issues, even during periods of stagnation or downsizing when organizations need to focus on stabilization. Working with diverse teams and cultures in various organizations has reinforced my belief that good communication is the cornerstone of smooth organizational functioning, and that miscommunication is a common cause of conflicts. I also understand the temptation to overlook the need for a code of conduct and reporting procedures, assuming that "everyone knows how to treat each other". However, my experience has shown me that such rules provide essential guidance and can serve as preventive measures.


In recent years, I have taken on an advisory role, and I have become a trusted confidant for many individuals who seek guidance on workplace conflicts. My empathy, pragmatism, and calmness have earned me appreciation in these situations. To further hone these skills in a professional capacity, I have completed training programs to become a certified mediator and confidential advisor. As a certified Confidential Advisor (LVV), I leverage my experience and expertise to support organizations in creating a pleasant and safe working environment, thereby fostering team satisfaction and helping organizations achieve their objectives more successfully.

Maureen Meeng, founder Partners in Vertrouwen, externe vertrouwenspersoon inhuren
Partners in Vertrouwen werkt alleen met LVV geregistreerde externe vertrouwenspersonen
Partners in Vertrouwen werkt met trainers die CRKBO geregistreerd zijn.

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Noord Holland

Midden Nederland

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