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Partners in Vertrouwen werkt alleen met LVV geregistreerde externe vertrouwenspersonen

External Confidential Advisor


Throughout my career, colleagues have consistently turned to me for trusted advice. I offer a listening ear and I am fully present in conversations. This I combine with clear advice to the management, ensuring insights arising from reports benefit everyone.


I've accumulated vast experience around employee feedback surveys. This journey has connected me with numerous international boards and HR departments. Here, I've delved deep into company cultures, offering insights, and contributing to their enhancement.

A Symphony of Skills

I graduated with a law degree from the University of Amsterdam, attended a musical education, and spent years as a business consultant. I offer you a blend of analytical insight, an empathetic heart, and an optimistic personality. Beyond my role as a confidant, I write and sing bespoke songs.


As a confidential advisor, I ensure everyone feels acknowledged. Responding to reports is silver, but prevention is gold. I believe in educating teams and departments, guiding them in recognizing mutual boundaries and fostering a positive work environment.



I thrive in forward-thinking, informal companies where Dutch or English is spoken. Companies that employ a confidential advisor to ensure they remain attuned to their people’s wellbeing and use them as a catalyst for continuous growth.


Laurien Wiegerinck - Partners in Vertrouwen
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