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Founder, Confidential Advisor, Mediator

I have a background in tax law, having studied at the University of Groningen and worked as an international tax advisor at Ernst & Young and Deloitte, specializing in expatriate practice. However, I realized that the human aspect was often missing in the field of taxation, which led me to explore how I could combine my expertise with a more human-centric approach.


As a result, I made a career switch to mediation, specializing in divorces and inheritances after completing specialized training and courses in Inheritance Law and Family Law at the University of Amsterdam. Since 2006, I have been a registered and practicing (Family) Mediator with the Mediator Federation Netherlands (MfN). In my role as a mediator, I actively assist clients in finding mutually acceptable solutions, valuing a "win-win" approach and prioritizing individual wishes and interests. I bring a natural sense of commitment, a solution-oriented approach, empathetic skills, and an efficient work method to every case, and have successfully guided many divorces and estate distributions over the years.

In addition to my work as a mediator, I also serve as an external confidential advisor, certified by the National Association of Confidential Advisors (LVV). Drawing on my broad experience within large organizations and my mediation expertise, I assist organizations in creating a pleasant and safe work environment for their employees. I provide employees with a listening ear when needed and help them find solutions to issues such as inappropriate behavior or integrity concerns. My slogan in this role is "making the undiscussable discussable," and I believe that open communication and addressing behavior openly can benefit all parties involved and contribute to prevention.


Apart from my professional activities, I am also actively involved in voluntary board positions in associations and foundations, further demonstrating my commitment to making a positive impact in both my professional and personal endeavors.

Founder Partners in Vertrouwen, Judith Gerritsen, externe vertrouwenspersoon inhuren.
Partners in Vertrouwen werkt alleen met LVV geregistreerde externe vertrouwenspersonen
Partners in Vertrouwen werkt met MfN geregistreerde mediators en u kunt een extern vertrouwenspersoon inhuren.

Actief in o.a:
​Midden Nederland

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