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External confidential advisor, 

Former labour law lawyer, labour law advisor, conflict mediator

After completing my law studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam, I worked as a business advisor for an employers' organisation in the Metal Industry. The focus of my advisory practice was on the relationship between people and organisations. Subsequently, I transitioned into the field of law, specialising in labour law.

Throughout my career as an attorney, I have always regarded continuous learning as a vital aspect. I have undergone various training programmes and educational courses, which allowed me to also engage in roles such as negotiator, conflict mediator, and a trusted advisor. I am committed to learning every day!

Starting from January 1, 2023, I left the legal profession behind and transformed my law practice into an advisory practice specialising in labour law. Additionally, I am available as an external Confidential Advisor, certified by the National Association of Confidential Advisors (LVV).

In my work, I operate on the principle that organisations are made up of people, each with their own background and story. This is why I do not solve issues related to people and organisations from behind my desk. I am eager to be on-site to gain insights into how a specific situation has arisen and to immerse myself in the people involved.

As a Confidential Advisor, I assist both reporters and respondents. Building trust, listening impartially to the stories of those involved, exploring possible solutions to address the problem, and guiding individuals in discussions with third parties, including the complaints committee, are important aspects of my role.

In my capacity as a Confidential Advisor, I provide companies with information and advice on matters related to inappropriate behaviour.

I find moments of happiness when I feel that I can make a positive difference in people's lives!

Cor Kuijer Partners in Vertrouwen, externe vertrouwenspersoon inhuren.
Partners in Vertrouwen werkt alleen met LVV geregistreerde externe vertrouwenspersonen

Actief in o.a.:
Zuid Holland

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