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Partners in Vertrouwen werkt alleen met LVV geregistreerde externe vertrouwenspersonen

External Confidential Advisor

I am Adeny van Engel, 58 years old, and I work as a Confidential Advisor. An organisation that doesn't have a Confidential Advisor is missing out on an essential resource. An external Confidential Advisor serves both the leadership/management and the employees of your organisation. The external Confidential Advisor is independent and approaches matters with a neutral perspective (an outsider's view). By effectively deploying an (external) Confidential Advisor, negative impacts of undesirable interactions and integrity issues can be prevented. This leads to improved work performance, happier employees, and reduced costs and management interventions (energy, time, and expenses).

People perceive me as a pleasant conversationalist who listens well, communicates clearly, and is practical in approach. My mission is to empower individuals, which is why my motto is "together towards a solution, and then moving forward independently." My clients appreciate this mission.

What can you expect from me as a Confidential Advisor within your organisation? You can expect a dedicated Confidential Advisor who is there for the organisation, leadership/management, and employees with a pragmatic and practical approach. In my role as a Confidential Advisor, I bring extensive experience as a lawyer, mediator, and as a human being.

I have been working as a lawyer for 30 years, advising small to medium-sized franchise entrepreneurs. Sometimes, I assist them during the startup phase, but also in times of expansion or business closure. In 2018, I established my own office in Rotterdam, "Van Engel Legal." Since 2019, I am also a certified mediator with the MfN (Mediators' Federation of the Netherlands). My specializations as a mediator include business disputes, employment conflicts, and intercultural disputes.

Cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings in communication. As a mediator, I increasingly encounter conflicts rooted in cultural differences, whether they involve business disputes, employment issues, or divorces. Society is becoming more diverse, which also means differences in language and customs. These differences can quickly lead to misunderstandings and significant conflicts. Even non-verbal communication can trigger conflicts because each culture assigns different values to certain facial expressions.

Any behavior influenced by culture can lead to a conflict. To resolve the conflict, these obstructive norms and values must be discussed openly. In this regard, as a mediator specializing in intercultural disputes, I add value when seeking lasting solutions for all parties involved.

If there are suspicions that the cause of a conflict lies in cultural differences, it is beneficial to engage an intercultural mediator. An intercultural mediator recognizes the core values of other cultures. These core values and norms shape a person's behavior. By acknowledging and discussing these values and norms, mutual understanding can be established. Once there is an understanding of each other's actions, a lasting solution is within reach.


Adeny van Engel - Partners in Vertrouwen extern vertrouwenspersoon
Partners in Vertrouwen werkt met MfN geregistreerde mediators en u kunt een extern vertrouwenspersoon inhuren.
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